Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Media Appearance Redux

Your humble blogger has made another media appearance, at a Forbes blog (also published in print in Tax Analysts):

The Cold War Is Over, But No One Told the IRS
by Joseph Thorndike

(picture not in original article)
Lawmakers also forgot to repeal a provision of the tax law exempting employees of Communist organizations from having to pay Social Security taxes on their wages. (They are similarly forbidden from collecting Social Security benefits derived from those wages, since wages and benefits are linked for all of us.) ***

As Zhang suggests, “An employer could voluntarily send in a registration form and see how it goes.” But if they’re going to give it a shot, they better move fast. In a sign that lawmakers are finally catching up with current events, the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation has identified both the charity disallowance and the Social Security exemption as examples of “potential deadwood” lurking in the code.

Looks like the Cold War might finally be ending. Let’s hope the IRS gets the word this time.

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